About Us

Founded in 2015, LegalUnite has been created for legal professionals across the world to liaise together.

With over 10 years of experience as lawyers as well as legal recruitment professionals, we at LegalUnite accompany law firms and companies of different sizes and structures to recruit for their legal teams across Europe. We also assist in the setting up of legal departments both for law firms and companies, where we provide full consultancy services, legal help online for our clients.

LegalUnite has also developed the first networking platform, dedicated to legal professionals across different regions. Legal professionals will be able to register by paying a fee(please add an icon which people can click on to see the prices drop down) and they will have access to the profiles of members who they can connect with. Members can add information as well as view articles which other members share on the website. Members will be able to get their CVs verified by a member of the LegalUnite team on rendezvous. There is also a job board accessible to everyone.

LegalUnite acts in different ways to assist our legal professionals across the globe:

  • We are a lawyers discussion board for legal professionals to interact, exchange ideas and become visible.
  • We also assist law firms and companies of different sizes and structures in recruiting for their legal teams and setting up their legal departments across Europe.
  • We provide expert advice to legal professionals who are seeking to move to a new role. You can ask a lawyer online.
  • We provide a job board, accessible to legal professionals seeking for a new position.


At LegalUnite we go beyond recruitment; we take the time to listen to our clients and to lawyers seeking for new opportunities and we share with them our opinions in all transparency.