Professional Coaching


We have a professional coach who is dedicatedto assisting legal professionals across Europe. As a former lawyer with adiploma in psychology, our professional coach focuses on the career andprofessional development of candidates. We also take part in group coachingupon demand of our clients. We meet with all legal professionals during eachcoaching session but it can also be via Visio conference if needs be.

 Coaching sessions varies depending on eachindividual needs (or group needs). We conduct an initial meeting to get to knowthe person better and undergo a psychological and professional analysis andthis is be done through 1 or 2 meetings. We take the time to listen anddetermine the different needs for each individual prior to establishing a planand working towards a goal, which is set up at the beginning.

Timing depends on each individual requirement.It can be between 3 months to 8 months.

 We are best in assisting legal professionalsfor coaching as we have the psychological, legal and recruitment expertise.