Professional Coaching


We havea professional coach who is dedicated to assisting legal professionals acrossEurope. As a former lawyer with a diploma in psychology, our professional coachfocuses on the career and professional development of candidates. We also takepart in group coaching upon demand of our clients. We meet with all legalprofessionals during each coaching session but it can also be via Visioconference if needs be.

Coachingsessions varies depending on each individual needs (or group needs). We conductan initial meeting to get to know the person better and undergo a psychologicaland professional analysis and this is be done through 1 or 2 meetings. We takethe time to listen and determine the different needs for each individual priorto establishing a plan and working towards a goal, which is set up at thebeginning.

Timingdepends on each individual requirement. It can be between 3 months to 8 months.

We arebest in assisting legal professionals for coaching as we have thepsychological, legal and recruitment expertise.